Window Art Class – Foxboro, MA– March 18

Join us for  a window art class on March 18 at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center.

5 pm – 7 pm

We will have over 60 designing materials available for you to design a piece you love.  All training and materials provided.  No experience necessary.   Prices start at $40 and go up from there depending on the size frame you choose.

Register by email to or by phone:  774-230-0102



Window Art Class–February 18

Open to the Public Window Art Class

February 18, 2018 from noon – 4 pm

Designing your piece takes about one hour, so please arrive between noon and 3 pm.  Plan to stay 1 hour after while your resin sets up.

Prices start at $40. and depend on the size frame you choose.

Class is in Dudley, MA

(Pre-registration required. Call 774-230-0102 or Contact Holly to pre-register.  Exact location will be given then.)

img_6122Recently I received a review copy of the book Creative Strength Training — Prompts, Exercises and Personal Stories for Encouraging Artistic Genius.   Typically I would write this type of review out on Amazon, but I wanted to be sure to share this little gem with all of my True Blue friends as well.

Jane Dunnewold has created a beautiful piece of art just by the writing and presentation of this work.  It’s a beautiful book, with gorgeous photographs and a pleasing presentation.  Although, in other reviews, some seniors and other folks with failing eyesight have suggested that the font type might be a bit too light, I did not find that to be the case.  I think that the book itself is beautiful with stunning photography of all types of artistic creations that make just flipping through the book worth the effort.   But the photos and the artwork presented are just the beginning of the treasures contained within the covers.

For anyone who has ever dreamt of creating anything — a painting, a book, a quilt, a blog page, a life– this book is a step-by-step guide for breaking through the fears and barriers that might be holding you back.   It’s a tool–or a series of tools– for experimenting and for helping you to step out of your comfort zone while remaining in the safety of your own home, where no-one need know what you’re up to.  It’s a guide for exploring the world within you to help you find your voice.   For some, you may be surprised to find that the whisper that’s been calling to you to create might actually be the reverberating sound of a distant shout echoing from the mountain tops!

Every week in our classes we hear at least a few people say “I can’t even draw a stick figure,” and it makes me sad, not that they can’t draw, because I believe that they can.  I am saddened that those people have been bombarded by opinions and images of what they believe stick figures “should” look like and what “good” art is supposed to look like.  I know that those same people are at my paint class because they secretly yearn to paint and they want someone to show them the “correct” way to do it.  All the while not knowing that there is no right way.  There is no wrong way.  If you want to paint, you already have everything you need to do it.

Jane Dunnewold takes the reader through a series of stories and projects that lead each budding artist to discover that they had it all along.  She’ll have you working with paint, fabric, textiles, and all kind of other tools, and she’ll have you believing that you are creating art, and you are, but more importantly you are creating the very tools that you will use to quiet the inner critic that’s been holding you back from a life of self expression like you never dreamed possible.

If you yearn to create, stop pinning photos on Pinterest.  Instead, treat yourself to this book and kick off 2017 as your year of self-exploration.  You won’t regret it.


Now Offering Paint Your Pet Parties!

We are excited to finally be able to offer Paint Your Pet Parties!  These work similarly to a regular Paint Night, except that all guests pre-send a photo which is sketched onto the canvas for them.  Then everyone is guided step-by-step for painting their favorite friends.   No experience needed!

$50 per person, except the host/hostess paints for free when there are 6 painters or more (Including the host).    Here are some photos from our first few parties.   So much fun!
IMG_2314 IMG_2299 IMG_2301 IMG_2333 IMG_2325 IMG_2321

Restaurant Bathroom Re-do

One of my favorite things to do is mural.   Recently I had an opportunity to paint a public bathroom mural in a restaurant.   It was a great opportunity to honor one of their favorite patrons who had recently passed away but left behind a legacy of “making it count!”  Here’s what we came up with.

I’ll start with some Before and After photos and then include some detail shots.  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.33.30 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.34.04 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.34.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.35.00 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.35.43 PM
IMG_2390IMG_2394IMG_2382IMG_2383IMG_2384IMG_2386 (1)IMG_2393IMG_2392IMG_2391

What’s new at Blue? Advanced classes!

It’s Fall which means it’s that time of year when folks are hunkering down and starting to look for indoor things to do.   As always, we offer our paint classes and private lessons, but now we also offer advanced paint class parties for those ladies who have completed 4-5 paint classes before and are looking for something a little more advanced.  Our advanced classes are longer and more detailed but still very doable for an intermediate student. (One example shown below.)  $60


Raising funds for Baby Margaret

12118649_1010211292356735_3759088712706122086_nWe recently completed the first of two fundraisers we are doing for baby Margaret who is fighting leukemia.  When illness strikes anyone, it’s difficult, but when it strikes a toddler, it’s just plain heart-breaking.  Read and/ or donate to Baby Margaret here: 

Our first event was fun!  We did it at Spicoli’s Restaurant in Albion, RI.   Our next event for Baby Margaret is at the Beer Mug in Cumberland.   Join us!  Oct. 27 at 7 pm.

The Cumberland-Lincoln Community Chorus Fundraiser

There are many kinds of art, but when art supports art, something truly special happens.  🙂  We were happy to help the Cumberland-Lincoln Community Chorus raise some money to enable them to continue doing the great work that they offer the community.   Here’s a few photos from the event.  To see all the photos, check out our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to Like us while you’re there!

Cumberland Lincoln Chorus The best fundraiser Raise money Rhode Island Paint Party Fundraiser Fun fundraisers

Catwalk for CancerCare Paint Night fundraiser event

Tremezzo Ristorante hosted a paint night to benefit the Catwalk for CancerCare fund at Lowell General Hospital.   We were proud to assist with the event!  Together we raised over $1000 in just a few quick hours, and we did it while friends laughed, ate, and painted.  Fun was had by all! Thanks again to Tremezzo Ristorante.  Good food and good people!! Here are a few photos from the evening.  See the entire album on our Facebook page.
Catwalk for CancerCare fundraiser Wilmington MA fundraisermassachusetts paint party fundraiser medical expenses benefit  fun fundraiser Boston fundraiser